What Makes Our Assisted Living Program Special

It’s the next chapter in your loved one’s life.

Assisted living communities across the country are offering new adventures and freedom from routine chores and home maintenance. In fact, there are more than 800,000 Americans in assisted living.

So, what do they know that you don’t?

We realize you have choices when it comes to assisted living communities, and that’s why we wanted to explain what makes West Bladen different from the rest.

You’ll find it reflected in the faces of our friendly employees in a stimulating, yet restful, environment.

What makes our community special? We’ve outlined a few of the highlights of living at West Bladen.

New Friends at a New Address

We create an environment where it’s easy to get to know your neighbors and establish long lasting friendships. We realize that making the transition to assisted living can be challenging for both you and your loved one.

That’s why we want you to feel welcome in a place where you can truly enjoy the freedom from routine chores, home maintenance.

We Believe in Being There for Your Whole Family

We are a family at West Bladen, and we want to be there for your entire family. We want to get to know you! If you ever have any concerns or questions, we’re always available.

We believe in treating others the way we would treat members of our own family, so you can rest assured that your loved one is treated with the dignity and care they deserve.

We’re Family Owned

Don’t be surprised if you see us in the grocery store. In fact, please talk to us! We’d love the chance to get to know you better.

You see, West Bladen isn’t owned by some corporate conglomerate. We’re family owned and operated. Our owners have an active role in the day-to-day operations of our center, and believe in creating a family atmosphere.

We understand what you’re going through–the decision of placing your loved one in assisted living is a big step, and our team of professionals truly care about them. We know you want what is best for your loved one, and we do too.

You Have an Entire Team Behind You!

From the secretary in the office to the nurses on duty, all of us work together as a seamless group to focus on you. This means we’re always ready to give a helping hand whenever it’s needed.

Our team of professionals has received specialized training on how to provide the best service. If you—or your loved one—should ever need memory care due to Alzheimer’s or other dementias, we have employees who can help.

We Offer Memory Care a Memory Care Center

Speaking of our Memory Care Center, we have 26 beds dedicated to helping these members of our West Balden family.

We emphasize resident safety, but also know the importance of providing activities that stimulate the brain. By combining these two elements, we offer a fulfilling environment that focuses on the care you need.

We Provide Easy Access to Medical Professionals

The goal of assisted living is to maintain your independence as long as it is safe to do so. We help you do this by working closely with your medical team to ensure you’re living the healthiest life possible. We are glad to help facilitate medical visits and even provide transportation if it’s needed.

We Offer Safe and Stimulating Activities

Exercise classes, board games, bingo and shopping excursions are some of the regular activities that our residents love.

During COVID-19, we have had to adjust or cancel some of these activities for the safety of our residents. However, we have still found creative ways to get our residents involved and entertained in a manner that still follows all safety protocols outlined by the state and Centers for Disease Control. We will resume our regular activities schedule as soon as the state tells us it is acceptable to do so.

If You Truly Want to Know What Makes Us Special, Take a Virtual Tour

When it comes down to it, an article is merely words. To truly get a taste of what makes us different, you have to see it for yourself. That’s why we’ve conveniently arranged virtual tours so you can explore our community and understand why our residents love living here.

Hurry, our spaces fill quickly.