How Do Siblings Split the Assisted Living Costs?

Assisted living has a lot of great benefits for seniors. It provides a safe and stimulating environment where you or your loved one can have the freedom of independent living while at the same time having a helping hand nearby if you need one.

Frequently, siblings may split assisted living costs for a parent.

But this can present its own challenges. It brings to mind questions such as:

How can the cost be split so that it is equitable and fair?

What to do when siblings can’t agree on what to do with an elderly parent?

How do you talk with siblings about senior care for a parent?

The situation can easily become highly emotional and overwhelming.

Don’t worry. We have some insight on how to maneuver this challenging time along with ideas for how siblings can split the cost of assisted living.

How Siblings Can Divide Assisted Living Costs

There are several factors that can help determine how equitably you can divide the cost of assisted living with your sibling, and family meetings are at the heart of it.

Open, honest, and tactful communication is key to understanding. Sometimes, old sibling rivalries can make it difficult to have a discussion, but it is in the best interest of the parent to put these rivalries aside for the greater good.

Once you have established a time for a family meeting, here are some factors to consider for discussion:

See What Each Sibling Can Contribute

One sibling may make more money than another. Therefore, it’s often best to decide for each sibling to contribute a percentage of their income, so those who make less money won’t be unfairly burdened.

Remember that contributions don’t always have to be financial. One sibling may live close by and be able to help with some of the caregiving or visit Mom and Dad. If the other sibling lives further away, they may want to consider contributing more financially.

Discuss the Possibility of Getting a Mediator

Emotions tend to run high when discussing money. If you’re having difficulty coming to an agreement, it’s often best to get an attorney or mediator involved. By having an objective opinion, you can set aside the emotional aspect of the task and be able to evaluate the situation more objectively.

Make Sure Everything Is Recorded

It’s best to get everything in writing. This eliminates all confusion and makes sure everyone understands their responsibilities. This also avoids any misunderstandings about the role each sibling will play in sharing the cost.

Create a Detailed Plan

By having a detailed plan, you can prepare for day-to-day responsibilities and who will shoulder them. Fortunately, assisted living takes a lot of the stress out of daily caregiving for your parents.

How to Talk with Siblings About Senior Care for a Parent

Discussing the fact that mom or dad needs some extra help can be a difficult subject to approach. However, following these tips, you can gain a better understanding of how to talk with your sibling about a senior care plan or assisted living for your parent.

Maintain Objectivity

As we mentioned earlier, emotions can be volatile when approaching this subject. Maintain objectivity by sticking to the facts. For example, you should indicate if your parent left the stove unattended or fell while taking a shower.

Assure Them They Are Not Alone

By emphasizing family teamwork, you will keep your sibling from feeling like every responsibility is being handed to them.

Take Them on a Virtual Tour

At West Bladen, all you need is a tour to see how our residents love living here. It’s easy to schedule a tour, and we look forward to answering any questions you may have. Getting the facts can go a long way toward understanding.

Remember: Keeping Peace in the Family Is Top Priority

When siblings decide to split costs of assisted living, the discussion can be stressful. Therefore, it’s important to remember that harmony should be at the heart of your family.

It can be difficult—particularly if emotional baggage is involved—but ultimately, your parents want you to get along and have unity during this difficult time.

Rest Assured Knowing There is Quality Assisted Living in Bladenboro, NC

At West Bladen, we take time to get to know our residents. This is how we can create a family-oriented environment where we treat others with dignity, compassion and respect.

We’re locally owned and operated, and this means we have a vested interest in our community. You won’t be dealing with a faceless corporate franchise; you’ll be dealing with someone who seeks to understand your individual situation.

If you’re having trouble starting that conversation with your parent, or sibling, contact us today. We can help.